What a fabulous summer we are having here in Munich this year! As I write these lines we have 33 degrees Celsius right outside on our balcony. A few months ago we bought a huge BBQ. Gas driven. Unfortunately we are not allowed to use coal right here where we live. Nevertheless, we have more or less cooked and lived permanently outside since I brought the huge stainless steel monster home from the DIY-Store and with some laborious effort managed to assemble it correctly. There is a special feeling about cooking out in the open. Together with an old IKEA trolley the BBQ now make our state-of-the-art outdoor kitchen. As opposed to the “inside” kitchen where normally Alexandra rules, I am in charge of the outdoor facilities. Alexandra is - however - allowed to cut vegetables and such. But I handle the turning of the steaks and sausages. 

Throughout the summer we have been busy with all sorts of things. Hiking trips to the mountains. Visits from England and Denmark. An extended weekend in Milan, in 40 degrees Celsius. Christening of cousins in the near family. The weeks simply just flew away! Officially the school holidays have only just started here in Bavaria. This also means that Anton’s Kindergarten is closed ALL of August. So right now, at this time of year, where I would normally prepare to get back to school when I was a kid in Denmark, we are only just starting our summer holiday.

Alexandra took the entire last week off from work, but she will have to start again this coming Monday. Hence Anton and I are leaving Tuesday morning to take the ICE train to Denmark. We are both pretty excited about this. Apparently the ICE trains are among the fastest in Europe. It just takes about 6 hours from Munich to Hamburg. Unfortunately it will then take us another 7 hours to go from Hamburg to Lemvig by the Northsea Coast in Denmark, where my mother resides. It will undoubtedly be just as exciting. We will arrive some time after midnight so I am guessing (hoping!) that our first morning in Denmark will be rather laid back!

I love visiting my mother in Lemvig. Her house was never a real childhood home to me, but I still feel at home when I’m there. This is because of the wonderful nature in the area which I really love. Just a 10 minute drive and you have the first sand dunes of the North Sea and lyme grass sways in the wind. 

It is a very popular area for tourists coming from most of Northern Europe. Especially the Germans are great fans of Denmark in the summer. They seem to be having a craving for expensive summerhouse-rentals, Flounder-filets with danish remoulade and of course the unpredictable Danish summer weather.

To Anton, this will be all about family visits, pitchers of lemonade whilst playing in the grass and of course bucket-loads of “Koldskål” - the cold and sweet soup that is made of buttermilk, vanilla and limejuice and served with “Kammerjunkere” - Vanilla biscuits. You cannot get Koldskål in Germany, but I make it myself from time to time. I tried baking Kammerjunkere a few times, but it is SO much work. Instead I have ordered each and every visitor from Denmark to each bring a few bags when they visit us. 

So right now the days are about preparing for the next adventure, with laundry and finding all the right things to bring along. It will be a great adventure for just the two of us. Anton is an experienced traveller and on several occasions lately he has expressed his dissatisfaction with the fact that we are not flying so often anymore. Well, I guess we need to do something about that as well!