It has become routine for us to drive back and forth between Munich and Denmark. Whether we are going to visit family in Jutland or friends in the Copenhagen area. Car rental in Denmark is expensive way beyond what is reasonable, so it is not a real option to fly and then rent a car locally. Instead we rent our car in Munich and spend about 12 hours on the highway in order to get there. This way we have the car available AND we save quite a bit of money. This works for us, and the trip - although it takes so many hours - is actually not so bad. We take turns driving and it has become a good tradition to leave Munich a few hours before midnight, in order to arrive mid-morning the next day. A bit tired, sure, but nothing that a good afternoon nap cannot fix!

The advantages of driving at night are many. Less traffic. Less traffic jams. And less trucks. That is… this is how it usually is. This time we went right into a snow storm and icy roads. I believe we greeted EVERY truck on the European continent! And I believe we saw EVERY current road-work throughout Germany. But finally, after 13 hours we arrived at my family’s summerhouse in Djursland, Jutland. With a somewhat sore bum and tired eyes. Anton, on the contrary, was absolutely rested and awake after a good nights sleep in his seat. He is used to long drives and he loves it! This is pretty convenient!