By now I have been to Italy so many times that I have stopped counting. After my native Denmark and Germany, the boot-shaped Italy is without any doubt the country in Europe that I know best. I have been traveling in Rome, Umbria, Marché, Tuscany and South Tyrol. And the more I explore of the country and its history, the less I seem to know. It’s like a Pandora’s Box with several layers, that just keep surprising and seduce. I will never get tired of going to Italy!

The trip down from northern Europe, through Germany, Austria and over the alpine passes has a certain symbolic meaning for me. The weather in northern and central Europe is somewhat “ever changing” and it seems to me that it simply ALWAYS rains when driving through Austria. Of course that is not the case, but a certain something happens as you finally get through the last curves after the Brenner Pass, and start your further drive down through South Tyrol (the northernmost region in Italy). The weather changes south of the Alps. The sun will burn through the clouds and welcome you, as you pass endless fields of wine and apple trees.