Exactly 52 weeks after we boarded our first flight to Dubai and flew directly onwards to Bangkok, we are once again back in Munich. It is quite a strange feeling, to be honest! But spring is here with sunshine and buds on the trees. The weeds on our balcony seems to be thriving quite well!

We were thrilled to get back to our flat again. It has been “hypernating” for months. Anton particularly enjoyed the reunion with all his toys. He has “outgrown” much of it while we were away, but lego, fire engines and airplanes are still considered “cool”! We all enjoyed the reunion with our pillows and beds. One of the lessons of this journey has been that a proper pillow is a must! We have yet to find a good, inflatable one to carry in our backpack. All the ones we have tested proved to be no good in the long run. And grossly overpriced! I wonder if I should invent and patent a new, inflatable pillow... Alexandra enjoyed the reunion with her wardrobe. Filled with clothes that she had completely forgotten that she had.

It almost seems like extreme and excess luxury to have a closet filled with t-shirts, shirts and shoes, when all we had for a year was a one-week supply of clean clothes in the backpack. I was actually toying with the idea of giving it all to charity. But I let it be... for now!

We have been home for three days now, but we have already achieved quite a bit. Firstly, we were due for a visit to my mother in law. She picked us up at the airport, and had dinner ready for us at home. Bavarian, white asparagus. Crisp and fresh! They are in season and they are delicious! Last year we left just as they were coming into the stores. A pity!

After this we went to the city centre of Munich. We really just strolled around and tried to “feel” the city again. A lot has happened in our absence. And then again, nothing has really changed. I guess it is supposed to be like that. It is lovely to hear the characteristic “Munich-dialect” again. Also the special bavarian dialect. It feels cozy and like home!

We have ordered a proper internet connection for our home, so that we will no longer be dependent on the mobile data packages with their appalling data volume and ridiculous prices. The provider that we ended up choosing managed to screw up our order, consisting of 2 phones, 1 iPad and 1 home connection. I ended up with Alexandra’s phone number and my own number is still not working properly. Here in Germany NOTHING can really be handled per telephone so a visit to the local store is necessary every time. With identification, of course! It is extremely frustrating to deal with the typical, cocky and smart sales agents at the counter, who always seem to know everything better. But by raising my voice and insist a few times, we managed to save ourselves for a few unnecessary visits to the store, and quite a few money as well. The connection at home will not be up and running for the next few weeks, but I am positive and confident that it will all work out!

Monthly commuter cards for municipal transportation are in place and so is my Starbucks loyalty card. They have free internet, you know! Before we left last year I almost made it to the “Gold” level. I am now working on that once again! When the internet works at home I will most likely not be sitting there too often. After all, it is almost 3 dollars for a cup of coffee. A good one, by all means, but still 3 dollars. Refills are free though! 

In the near future we will do some re-decoration of our home and Anton will be getting his own room once again. We will also be looking into a daycare/kindergarten for him. He has expressed his wish for that quite a few times by now, so this is becoming a priority for us. 

Easter will be here shortly. Funny to think that we left just after Easter last year, and came back just in time for Easter this year. We are ready for Easter, which includes a visit from Denmark. Hopefully we will have nice weather!