We have now arrived in Cairns, and have been travelling with our rented campervan for almost 3 weeks. And according to our initial plan, we were about to head further south again. But we have decided to extend the rental period with another 2 weeks, in order to stay as long as possible up here in the tropical, northern Queensland. The “dry season” has just begun, although the past few days have given us a significant amount of rain. When it rains in the tropics, it RAINS! All the locals insist that this is highly unusual for the season. They hope for better weather tomorrow...

The past week has brought us through some interesting rain forests. As the matter of fact it is one big forest that more or less curls its way through mountain sides and valleys. It is all protected World Heritage Area. Last week we arrived in Wongaling Beach / Mission Beach. It used to be a very beloved area for many vacationing Australians and also a much desired destination for backpackers from all over the World. That is, until cyclone Yasi came a few years back. The area still hasn’t totally recovered, which is a shame. This is truly one of the places I would categorize as “Heaven on Earth”! The good part was that we had the beach pretty much to ourselves. And in the local cafés and shops we only saw a few locals and other travellers like us. 

We stayed at a newly renovated Camping Park, managed by a young scottish/australian couple. I think the park was owned by her family. So Bruce had decided to follow his Megan all the way to Australia, in order for them both to make a dream about a more balanced and better life come true. They had arrived just three weeks earlier. And as Megan is expecting a child the timing was perfect. Sounds familiar? This thing about following your heart and just DO IT? I find their story very interesting and truly hope that they will have all the success they deserve. Should Bruce get homesick it is an awful long way home. But I am sure they will make it! Their Camper Park was nice!

As we have travelled further north we have had some encounters with some of the more exotic animals. We have seen a few kangaroos. One was in a roundabout one morning near Mission Beach where it jumped right over. The tropical birds are sitting in the trees above us when we hang out at local playgrounds. On the beach we see pelicans from time to time. As previously mentioned this is also crocodile area. Fortunately we have yet to see them in real life!

By the way, we have also eaten kangaroo! Alexandra spotted a great offer in the local supermarket one day. We had to try it! Although, I was a bit hesitating to be honest! You see kangaroos in nature here in Australia and in the Zoo back at home in Europe. You don’t eat them! Yet, this one ended on our barbecue that same evening, and I have to say it was delicious! A lot like beef in taste and texture. With a slight taste of reindeer or “wild”. We have also discussed if we should try crocodile. Apparently it tastes a lot like chicken. I will not cry long if I miss out on that one, though!

Currently we are checked in at a five star family resort. It was Anton who spotted the enchanting and colorful water-park from his backseat in the car, as we drove by on the highway. He insisted that we checked it out. The previous night we had had a somewhat less positive experience in a sad, worn down and dark camping park, so we really all just needed some rest. For this, such a resort is perfect! Entertainment for children of all ages. We can all relax for a while, recharge and be ready for more adventures in the area north of Cairns in the following week!

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