The last phase of the planning has started. We are leaving Monday! That’s just 3 more nights in our own bed, before we will be away for about a year!

We have bought most of what we need by now... Backpacks (Alexandra had borrowed one, but it turned out that it was not exactly what she needed), indoor sleeping backs (Sheets, really!), drinking bottles, carabiners, trekking sandals, inflatable pillows etc etc.

It has turned out quite easy to prioritize. Hopefully time will also show that we have proven to do it right. As I write this, there are no problems fitting it all into the backpacks, but we are not done yet!

Anton is visiting his Oma for a couple of days. He does not need to feel the potential stress of the last preparations. He should just enjoy a few quiet days with his Oma. We will pick him up tomorrow. By then we hope to be as ready as possible, so that we can enjoy the last 2 days in Munich quietly and without stress! (A bit of nerves are OK though!)

So, right now I am sitting here wondering if 2 long-sleeved shirts are enough for a whole year. Will 7 t-shirts do for a week? Same thing with underwear. Needless to say, we will be doing laundry on a regular basis - most likely in a sink. As written previously, vanity stays at home! No place for feeling bad about wearing the same pants day in and day out! (I am bringing 2 long ones and 2 pair of shorts - this must do!)

We have made a bag for “technical stuff”... Computer, iPad, hard drive, camera and lenses. It’s heavy! iPods etc will be ones own responsibility. These have all been loaded with the latest musical purchases and podcasts. One of the things currently in danger of not coming along, is a small pencil-case-sized speaker, which even runs on batteries if necessary. I have had this for over 7 years, and it has travelled with me almost everywhere since. It is fantastic to have, but not REALLY needed.

We have made a few “test packings” and are constantly learning about the limits and possibilities of the backpacks. Impressive how much they can contain! But there are limits! Maybe it would be easier if one had one of those tents they used to have in one of the Harry Potter movies. From the outside they looked quite small and normal, but once you entered it was a ballroom! Someone should invent such a backpack!