Finally the day for our departure came! I’ll admit it was somewhat difficult for me to fall asleep last night. But after almost a whole season of “Downton Abbey” I finally dozed off...

So many thoughts! Will 7 t-shirts really be enough for a whole year? Are all the papers in order? (Checked that SEVERAL times!) Would it be an idea to save copies of our passports in DropBox? (YES!) - and so on! (Don’t forget to turn off the central heating and the water-faucet for the dish-washer!)

Both legs of the flight Munich-Bangkok were made in a brand new Airbus A380-800. On the first part to Dubai, Anton couldn’t fall asleep. No wonder! He was so excited that he ran up and down the aisles for quite a while. The cabin crew must have a special gene for patience that I could certainly use some of! Anyway, after a 3 hour stop in Dubai, he finally fell asleep just before boarding again, and did not wake up until 30 minutes before arrival here in Bangkok! Amazing! Dubai Airport was, by the way, quite impressive! A brand new terminal specially designed for the big Airbuses. Full of people at 2.30 in the morning! I would like to come back and experience this place. But as we took off I did get a quick view of the “Burj Khalifa” - the Worlds tallest building. It shined like a Christmas tree in the desert night. Waving goodbye! - or “See you again, soon!” Beautiful!

I can recommend flying with Emirates, by the way! Great inflight entertainment systems containing the newest movies and series. I started on “The Hobbit” but I was too distracted so I ended up watching a whole season of BBC’s “TopGear”... Can’t understand why I have not seen that before! Great!

Only minus was the fact that all the announcements were made in several languages. So every time a new announcement had to be made, it took several minutes. And it usually starts when you have just dozed off and are well on your way to a wrecked neck muscle/spine because you (of course) did NOT remember to bring your special pillow! I hate sleeping on flights! But sometimes I just can’t stay awake! Previously, when I was flying a lot more often due to my job, I was really good at falling asleep. Not anymore, for some reason. Anyway, I cannot blame Emirates for anything of that. Just make the announcements a bit shorter, will you?

Upon arrival in Bangkok we were hit with 37 degrees Celsius. I was anxious to see our backpacks and Antons stroller. But everything arrived just in time and in good condition. For 40 Baht each (about 1 euro!) we took the airport train almost straight to the hotel in the city centre, and walked the last 400 metres.

The hotel is the tallest building in Thailand. I did not know this when I booked it a couple of days ago on But it certainly offers a nice view from the Sky Restaurant on top, where we ate our dinner tonight. We were so tired after more than 24 hours of travelling. We were not in the mood for sightseeing.

All this will be starting tomorrow! We cannot make it all in one day. The day after tomorrow we leave for Phuket, but we will be back in the beginning of May. Then we will have a week of Bangkok sights, before flying on to Brisbane, Australia.

We are here, now! Seems so long ago we started planning, that it feels like forever! The aircondition almost lulls me to sleep! Tomorrow will be a great day!