It has been almost two weeks since our departure from Copenhagen. And it has been somewhat crazy, but I guess that was to be expected!

Friday the 30th of November was the last autumn day of the year, according to our calendar. It was also our last day in Copenhagen. 

We had arranged a small farewell party in Antons kindergarten. It turned out to be the finest little ceremony we could have asked for. Of course, none of the children really had any idea of what was really going on, and why we were celebrating, but the staff in Antons room had told us that “setting a mark” was important. And we did, and it was just beautiful! Truly an odd feeling walking out those doors for the last time. Anton has developed from a small baby boy to a little, independent “Duke” during his time there. We are truly thankful for that!

As we arrived in Tivoli later that same afternoon, it started to snow. It was beautiful walking through the old garden one last time. We have spent so many hours there over the years. Who knows when we will see it again?

We drove all night and arrived in Munich early Saturday morning. Thus we had the weekend to relax and be with the nearest family, before getting everything ready for the arrival of the relocation truck on Tuesday. What in Copenhagen seemed like a small load of furniture and cartons, turned out to be quite a mouthful here in Munich. Many things that we could have discarded already before relocating, have been trashed here. What seemed logical in Copenhagen, sometimes make no sense here. A transformation? Maybe, but we ARE slowly getting in order, and our home is slowly starting to look like... well, a home.

As I write these lines it has literally been snowing non-stop for almost three days. The snow masses are significant! We enjoy the time here, when we are not sorting out boxes and hanging up lamps and picture-frames. Thus we have spent some time walking through the local Christmas Markets, that we find particularly cozy here in southern Germany. You can read more about it by reading my article here.