Round the World we go!

Round the World we go!

With Christmas and New Years well past us, we have now entered a new chapter. This is the year where we will start the adventure of our lives! 

As the weeks go by, it feels more and more right to have made this decision. We are now more or less settled in our Munich base, and have started an every-day life that we hope we can continue on the road. Thus Alexandra and I each have 2 days per week dedicated for work. And then a long weekend together. Or whatever fits the current need. We have decided to write, translate and do some market research for clients, because this is something we can do from almost anywhere in the world. As long as there is an internet connection, that is. 

Actually this has already proven to be quite an under-estimated struggle. We are still in Germany, but the fast-speed connections we are used to from Copenhagen are not at all common here. We use prepaid options because we cannot commit to the 2-year terms that all providers require. This time around we will only be here a couple of more months, so prepaid is literally the only option for us at the moment. So whenever we need to up- or download larger files, we go to the library or a Starbucks Café. The library has actually turned out to be a nice and quiet place to sit and work. They have hundreds of work-desks where we can sit down, and they offer free WiFi, albeit a slow one. 

Sitting there, among the many, smart students working on whatever studies they follow, I sometimes wonder if any of their smartness will drop on my shoulders as well. I guess not, but it is a nice thought... 

The planning phase of the trip is starting. For Christmas we got some basic equipment that we really need, in order to be able to pack as much and compact as possible in our back-packs. I never gave this any serious thought, but it has become obvious to me, that small compartment-like bags for the back-pack are essential. Otherwise it will all become one big mess within just a day or two. To experienced travelers this sounds so basic, but not for me. We also got the mandatory First-Aid kit and some good books for use in the planning phase. Flipping through one of those, I read about snakes, scorpions and spiders. We definitely need a snake/spider survival kit as well! 

One of the more exciting things to tick-off on our list will be the purchase of my back-pack. I have set my mind on a combination of a back-pack and a trolley. It will give us up to 30 liter of extra space, can be rolled on wheels for convenience wherever possible (airports, sidewalks etc) and can still be carried in straps on the back when needed. Once we have bought it, I am sure I will be surprised at just how small it is, when we have to pack it. 

We have agreed to bring one week of clothing for each of us. One week! This means we will have to wash at least once a week, and it also means that we will have to get used to see each other in more or less the same clothes all the time. No space for that fancy jacket, shirt or whatever. Just the basics!

Should be great fun though.