Before we know it 2014 is already gone, and we enter 2015. A brand new year! Where did all the days, weeks and months go?

Not permanently traveling at the moment, we do have some travel plans for 2015. Of course! In February we plan to go to Norway. Alexandra used to be a rather good skier and she has long wanted to start again. Maybe Norway will be the place? From our base in Munich it is not too far to the pists of Austria, Switzerland and southern Bavaria. Only problem is, that if we do not REALLY make our minds up to it, we keep “considering to go” without much action. We are working on a bit more of a “Just do it!” - attitude!

In 2014 we started exploring parts of England and Scotland, and we plan to go back for more in 2015. The family, residing in London, will of course also get a visit from us. We always enjoy it, and so do Anton. Wales would be nice. We only touched a small corner of Wales this year, and that’s a big shame. It is supposed to be very beautiful!

During springtime we are planning on a trip to the island of Mallorca in Spain, where we will be renting a house - “Finca” - with a small group of friends. None of us have ever been to Mallorca, and even though opinions differ, our overall impression is that Mallorca is well worth a visit. 

Anton’s grandmother in Denmark has invited us all on a trip to Disneyland in Paris. It has been many years since we were in Paris, and in fact we never went there together. The trip is not yet planned in detail, but we are looking at options in spring. 

We also have plans to go to the mainland of Spain, and Switzerland and Italy are also on the list of travel destinations in 2015!

And then we have Denmark. Our old home-land. The family in Jutland will get at least a few visits. Anton is also hoping for yet another trip to LegoLand Billund. We will see how far we get on a tight schedule!

In total we will cover 9 countries during 2015 (planned!) and if you count Disneyland and LegoLand it will be a total of 11! :-)

We are very much looking forward to get “on the go” again!

Where are YOU headed in 2015? - and do you have some great recommendations for us? Places that we just HAVE to see? They do not have to be in any of the above mentioned countries! We like to improvise!