Our Round-the-World map 2013-2014

Our Round-the-World map 2013-2014

This was our plan!

We left Munich on the 8th of April 2013.

1. stop: Thailand.

We had been recommended to start with an “easy” spot, in order to get “in sync” and get used to a family life on the road. Thailand was the perfect place for this purpose, so we found a nice place by the beach. It was also a good place for Antons and Anders’ pale, scandinavian skin to get used to other conditions. We stayed in Thailand for 4 weeks, and divided our time between Phuket and Bangkok.
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2. stop: Australia.

We had lots on our lists! Melbourne ended up being the place where we spent the most time, as we stayed with Alexandra’s family. This was a great opportunity for us to have some “down time” to reflect and absorb all the impressions. Many people had strongly advised us to proceed slowly and take our time when travelling with a child. We wanted to have some degree of steady routines and times. So we spent several weeks in a campervan which turned out to be a perfect way for us! It gave us the opportunity to have “familiar surroundings” and be mobile at the same time. We started in Brisbane and moved up towards Cooktown and Cairns. We stayed 3 months in Australia. Unfortunately an extension of the visa proved to be far too bureaucratic and complicated! We could have used at least 3 months more. 
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3. stop: New Zealand.

Also here we had a busy schedule! We landed on the northern island, and spent 5 weeks here. Then we went to the south island, which we were told would have a beautiful and breathtaking nature, that we would not easily forget. It turned out to be true. We had 7 weeks on the south island, which turned out to be exactly right. In total we stayed 3 months in New Zealand, and travelled solely by camper-van. We did stay in hostels as well though.
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4. stop: US Westcoast.

We started in Seattle, and stayed for a while with a friend of Alexandra’s. From here we also made a one-week trip to Canada. Then we went down the coast to California. This included “all the things we normally see on TV”... Hollywood, Los Angeles, San Francisco... It also included the beautiful coast of Oregon. After southern California we went inland to Nevada and Las Vegas, where we spent New Years Evening. 

5. stop: US Eastcoast.

We were to visit friends in North Carolina. And to our surprise we fell completely in love with Washington DC, and simply kept coming back. New York were not originally on our list this time, but we included a stop there as well and it turned out to be absolutely fantastic! 
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6. stop: Ireland & the UK.

We started in Dublin and spent about 4 weeks on “The Green Island”. We have been there several times, but we still had a hunger for more! We saw the Connemara Coast and went all the way up north to see the most fantastic nature. Together with Alexandra’s family (sister and mother) we stayed in a rented cottage for a while, just hiking and relaxing in front of the fire, listening to the rain falling on the window sills. After this we flew to London, staying with Alexandra’s sister and family for a total of 5 weeks. From here we went on trips to Scotlandand southern England.
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 - and after this we returned back home on the 1st of April 2014...