Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we have tried to make it easy for you to find the answers to the 10 most frequently asked questions we are getting when talking to others about traveling around the world. You can use this list whether you are traveling with children or not!

You are, of course, also welcome to contact us directly, by using this contact form!


Which place did you like the most, so far?

This is a really good question, and it is very hard to give you a clear and definite answer. All places we have been to have had their very own charm and the locals their own positive character. But Australia should be highlighted because we all felt really comfortable here. This feeling came to us immediately upon arrival and it stayed with us. In Australia we had the feeling that we could just travel around for years, well, even settle down permanently.


How did you get the courage to cut ties with your firm and safe surroundings?

The alternative, staying stuck in an everyday life that none of us were happy about, was simply unbearable! In fact, the decision to sell it all and just leave was a relief! It should be mentioned, though, that we always had an option to return to our base (and a small flat owned by Alexandra’s family) in Europe, should we be needing to abort the journey or if we no longer felt like moving on. This does not at all mean that it would have been an easy decision to go back before planned, but when you have responsibility for a small child, you need to have just a little bit of safety net - somewhere! Read more about our initial thoughts and motivation to go here!

How do you pack for a whole year?

By leaving vanity at home and only bring t-shirts, underwear and socks for 7 days. 2 pairs of pants, 2 shirts and then multiple THIN layers of insulation. Good hiking boots, sandals and a pair of sneakers. That’s it! You will realize how surprisingly easy it is to get by with just that! Most places you can wash your clothes and as things start to wear out, you are allowed to buy something new. In fact, the rule is that if something new is bought, something old must go. Either throw away or give to charity.


Are you really traveling with a small child?

- Believe it or not, there are actually quite a few people asking us this! And yes, of course we are, and our travels get all the better by seeing things from a child's perspective. Traveling with a child is actually much more common than we ever thought, before we took off. So we can understand why people ask us! It is important to mention, that traveling with a child is no more difficult than if you travel alone or as a couple. It will just be a different trip! Read more about traveling with children here!


What about baby equipment?

Most parents adapt to conditions whether they are at home, in familiar surroundings or they are on the road. A changing bag and a good buggy will get you far. Anton had a small rucksack with his most beloved toys. Do remember that you can buy most of whatever you will be needing as you go, like diapers and baby food. Anton was almost three when we left and nearly four upon our return. During the journey he developed tremendously and he got out of the diapers. His buggy was donated to charity somewhere in the US, after having taking up considerable free space in our trunk for about three months. You can read more about our equipment in general here!


What do you do if your children do not like to travel?

All children need to feel safe and to feel loved! Some children need a more firm and steady environment than others. We started early to teach Anton the art of travel, and he had his first flight when he was only 6 weeks old. This was long before we even considered going on a journey around the world. He was familiar with airplanes, trains and cars. He always loved it! Furthermore we were together as a family, 24 hours a day, during a whole year. With plenty of time and mental resources! In other words, Anton had whatever he could possibly be needing right next to him, all the time! On top of that, we lived in camper-vans for long periods of the journey, thus being able to have our “home” with us at all times. Anton had his own bed, etc. We highly recommend this for families! However, right from the beginning, it was very obvious to us, that if he did not feel comfortable traveling all the time, we would have to abort the journey and return home! We had no way of knowing this in advance, and we believe this is an area where you have to trust your instinct and take a chance. “He who dares nothing, wins nothing!” - as we say in Denmark. On the other hand, there are so many things that could cause harm or damage to your children everywhere, even if they stay in their school or kindergarten in familiar surroundings. All we did was to change the stage for a while!


How do you live with each other all the time in tiny surroundings?

Well, well... this is an area with quite a few opinions! We are no better than other couples and of course we have our ups and downs just like others. This is how a marriage works! But we did spend quite a bit of time working on better and more effective communication between us. And to clearly express our mutual expectations - right from the start! You need to do this as well! Chances are, that if you have issues at home, they will most certainly “accompany” you on the road as well. Apart from this, the secret is to give each other some space every once in a while. Take turns going alone to the movies, visit a museum or just go for a walk. Headphones are mandatory equipment, as they allow for enjoying music or a movie in private!


What about technical equipment?

OK, this is the more impractical area! It weighs like a ton and oftentimes you will find yourself swearing when you keep dragging around what at most times may seem ridiculous things and excess kilos. We had a separate bag for all this. Laptop, iPads, camera & lenses. And then whatever comes along of chargers, cables, batteries, a tri-pod etc. As travel-bloggers we need to be able to work everywhere, so we did not have the option to leave it at home. If at all possible, do carry a light 11” laptop instead of a much heavier 15” model. An iPad can be used as well, especially if you invest in a small wireless keyboard. A good camera is a must, whether you are blogging or not! A longer journey must be photographed! You can use a smartphone camera for the quick and easy shots, but you will appreciate having used proper equipment when you are back at home, sitting on the couch and re-living the best moments! 


How about accommodation?

In Thailand, USA, Canada and parts of Ireland and England we stayed in hotels. We used various apps on our smartphones to find vacancies wherever we arrived. Around 3 PM in the afternoon we would start looking for something, and we always managed. ALWAYS! You do not need to book several days in advance. Do, however, expect to pay extra if you absolutely must stay in a downtown area, or if you just walk into the reception and ask for a vacancy. Even if you are calling from the parking lot, just outside the building, you will save money by calling before you walk in! In Australia and New Zealand we lived in camper-vans, and this was by far our preferred way of traveling! In the US and most parts of Europe we traveled during the winter-time so this was not a very attractive option for us. Apart from this, we would stay with friends and family whenever possible.

Isn’t it expensive?

No! Before we left everything behind we lived in Copenhagen, Denmark for several years. This is one of the top 5 most expensive cities in the world to live in! Almost EVERYTHING is cheaper everywhere else! Furthermore we did not have any rent, train/bus cards, kindergarten etc to pay for during the journey. The only true cost would be plane-tickets and insurance, which you cannot go without! - and you should not go for the cheapest option either! We needed food every day, no matter where we were, and this is cheaper anywhere else than Denmark as well. If you happen to have a job that you can manage from a computer hooked up to the internet, you can pretty much make your money as you move along, and not really take your daily costs into consideration. Bear in mind though, that we did not travel first class. So far from it! We constantly tried to make ends meet and we were very much aware of the price of accommodation wherever we arrived. We made our daily research before booking anything!


Happy travels! May your adventure be a great one!


Anton, Alexandra & Anders.