Isn’t it a bit strange that I am already thinking of where to go the rest of 2014? Shouldn’t I rather be concerned about planning our return to Munich? Applying for a job, education, kindergarten for Anton? Well, to me it is a bit more exciting to think about places we could go exploring in our spare time. Work will remain work...

I have already put together a small wish list of destinations. This time there are no long haul flights or exotic destinations on the list. Everything is within reach with just a few hours in the car. The longest trip is planned for the summer where we will be going to Denmark and Norway. Now it is sort of “reversed”: We will be vacationing in our old “home country” Denmark. A bit odd! Apart from visiting old friends and family in Jutland and Copenhagen, I really want to go to Legoland, stay at an old beach hotel in Svinkløv and go to Skagen. And then I will be redeeming a voucher for a baking workshop by Claus Meyer in Copenhagen. After this we are headed for Norway where we are attending the annual family reunion. This will be Anton’s first time meeting his large Danish and Norwegian family. And I will have the chance to once again try to understand Norwegian! Exciting! This is a quite fascinating thing about the Scandinavians: They always claim that they understand each other perfectly well, and that it doesn’t matter whether it is in Danish, Norwegian or Swedish. But my experience has taught me that they are lying! I have often participated in meetings where they have all spoken in their own mother tongue. They would all have the feeling that it went quite well and that agreements were clear. Only they weren’t. Once you asked about the nitty-gritty details, lots of misunderstandings surfaced! 

Other destinations will just be short or extended weekend trips. I would like to go to southern Tirol. Merano. I have been there quite often as a child with my family. And I have good memories from there. We could look for a nice spa hotel to relax and go hiking in the mountains.

And how about a small trip within the borders of Bavaria? To Franconia? Yes, yes, I am aware that Franconians would rather NOT call themselves Bavarians. But, sorry - that’s just the way it is! Like they say: “ Man soll Gott für alles danken, selbst für einen Ober- Unter- und Mittelfranken” (roughly translated: “We should thank God for everything, even for an upper, lower and middle Franconia!”). I just so happens that I can actually call two Franconians for my friends! Daniela, who normally lives in the US, will be visiting her family this summer. And they live not too far away from another one of my friends, who lives in Sommerach. It is quite convenient that she owns a nice town-hotel (Gasthof). This way we know where to sleep and have a good meal. In Gasthof zum Weissen Lamm ( I already had great times when we were studying together.

From my mother we got a voucher for a balloon ride over Chiemsee at Christmas. I have wanted to do this for years. We had plenty of opportunities in Australia and New Zealand, but I would rather do this at home. I am thrilled about this! We will be going away for a weekend, alone. Anton will be staying at my mothers and we can have a “couples weekend”! Maybe I should check my friend Louises website ( before we leave? :-)

Last thing on the list is Bern in Switzerland. My good friend Tanina, whom I met in Copenhagen, has moved back to her home country. We had a great time together! We were pregnant almost at the same time and she also lived in our area of Islands Brygge with her family. She was my allied partner on the playground where we could chat for hours while our children played together.

Our travel plans are mostly focused on reunions with friends and family. Most of whom we have not seen for a long time. I so much look forward to hug them all and catch up on everything that has happened since we last met!

I am certain that we will go other places too... We just have to plan a bit ahead. My motto is: During travels you become smarter! You do not want to die stupid!