What did I like about our time in Thailand? Well, first of all it reminded me of my family vacations in the good old days, when I was a child. I was used to the “all inclusive” packages. Everything planned ahead. Flights, pick up at the airport, shuttle to the hotel, all meals included, shuttle back to the airport etc etc. They were truly “sunny beach holidays”. No worries at all. Just time for building sandcastles, play in the water and on the beach, read books. Stroll. Shop. Eat. Play board- or card games. Sleep, sleep, sleep... And of course spend time with my parents and my sister. The difference between then and now is that we had put together our own “package”. But the place itself looked a lot like many of the places I have been to with my family in my childhood: Turkey, Italy, Spain... this time not filled with so many other germans. More Danes and Russians. Lots of Russians. 

In Thailand we got the first glimpse of what it is like to be together all the time and what each of us want. What is important to us? Well, to have a fairly large room is one thing. A bed for Anton. Back then he was just turning three, so we had a small children’s bed which was really nice! A balcony or terrace where we can sit during the evenings with a beer, a book or the laptop. Sit and talk. For modern, traveling internet junkies and bloggers like us it is also important to have a good and stable internet connection! Furthermore, it helps a lot if the hotel bar is not too far away! We do not want to run out of cold drinks!

The best thing about Thailand is without any doubt the food! For years I have loved to cook and prepare Thai food. But in Thailand it just taste better! It is so different! The ingredients are completely fresh and the preparation is different. Fruits like pineapple, melons and mangos taste so differently because they ripe in the sun. They get more “fruity”! Delicious! They cannot be compared to anything you can buy at home in the local supermarkets. If you do you will just get disappointed when you get back home!

As a girl from Munich I am nuts about the sea and the beach. You always want those things you cannot easily have. Anders has a thing with mountains!

In Thailand the humidity and temperature was high even though we had already hit the low season upon our arrival. This is the right condition for Anton’s and my sensitive skin. We were sweating like pigs! No need for body lotion or the like! It was completely hopeless for me to wear any make-up. It would just water out almost immediately. Anders had to live with my natural beauty!

The Thais are a very friendly people. They adore children. And they try to sell you anything. It can get very annoying the longer you stay. But you also get better to judge the quality and price. Sometimes you feel completely “run over”. It’s not the greatest amounts but it does become a matter of principle!

I walked a lot by the beach and got to observe how the different nationalities act when they are on vacation. The stereotypes. I love to observe people and to see how they act and behave. Or misbehave. Exciting!

We, as a family, could finally kick back and relax after many months of planning. So many thoughts and worries. Saying goodbye to two homes, two cities, families and friends. Now we were just us! Threeonthego! At the time just a vague idea of what this journey would turn into. But the purpose was crystal clear. We enjoyed the sun, the beach and the time together. Our brains could slow down and prepare for the onward travels. We could leave behind our previous worries and life, and start a new and exciting chapter!

Final question: Could I see my self coming back to Thailand? Certainly! Perhaps to do some more island-hopping. Get more massages and do more cooking courses!

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