So, what are we up to now, after our long journey around the world? What did we think should happen upon our return to Munich? Well, quite a lot, actually! But what about reality? How does that look after four weeks at home?

We heard from other travelers that it might be a bit of a struggle to get used to a “normal” life again. This particular “phase” has not yet hit me. In fact, “reality” came to me some weeks prior to our homecoming. On our way back to Europe. In Ireland. 

It happened when we met with my family. This is not to be misunderstood! Needless to say it was nice to see my mother and sister and her to wonderful boys. One of them we even saw for the very first time. But this was the first time that I was once again “face to face” with my “old life”. My old role. I had been fearing that I would slip into my “old self”. But right there I had to think of my new role and a new “version” of me. 

During a longer journey you have the chance to develop and get to know yourself. This means that it is also necessary to give others some time to get to know the “new Alexandra”. Luckily this phase is over now and most importantly Anders and I agree and have a common understanding of how our future should look like. It is up to us, whether it will happen or not!

So what’s up? What’s it like to be  in Munich? Do we have something resembling a normal routine? No, not yet. Only partly. We really did not have much time. Family visiting and already another small trip. To Würzburg. (Read about my 2014 travel plans here!) In a way we are still in “vacation mode”. But we are slowly “landing”! I already had some days where I could work on my German CV and kick off my search for a new job. I am all positive and sure that I will find an exciting job. And while I work, Anton will attend Kindergarten and Anders will take care of all domestic matters. 

I have written about my expectations of coming home to Munich and one of the most important things were to once again sleep with my own blanket and pillow. It is wonderful to sleep in my own bed again!

I was quite surprised by my large collection of clothes! Wow! I had completely forgotten that I had so much clothes. Apart from the vast collection of shoes I also have quite a few T-Shirts in all colors and shapes. And pants.... But they currently do not make me very happy! There they are: The problems! Meaning that some extra kilos returned home with me. It is not my fault, of course! It was the food in the US! So for a while I still stick to the travel jeans that I had in my back pack. But I have already started to exercise. I try to go for a run three times a week. My condition improved quite fast. It also helps to be biking again. I really missed my bike! But it still isn’t enough so I have also started a special training where you get wrapped up like a sausage with cables. These cables will send “impulses” so that the muscles react and tighten. This way you only have to exercise for 25 minutes. It’s called EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation). I never thought of doing this, but luckily someone in my circle of friends run a studio specialized in EMS. The studio is simply called 25 Minutes. Iris, the owner, is taking care of me and gave me an introduction. I have just been there a few times, so time will tell if it works. Apart form that we are eating healthier, even though we cannot say no to beer and Obatzn (a delicious, German cheese creme). It is, after all, Biergarten season! On the other hand, we are biking to the Biergarten! 

In the short period of time we have been home, we have also met with some friends. It was a strange feeling. Like we just left yesterday. We were welcomed with open arms! Yes, we feel quite well and at home in Munich. And our journey is not over!

Anders has also written about our first time back here. Click here to read his version! By the way: We do write our blogs independently of each other!