Very soon it is time for us to return to Munich. Here we will be starting a completely new life as a family. While we lived in Copenhagen we were only visiting Munich during our holidays, so we have never actually lived here all three of us. Now we need to build up a “normal” life with work, daycare and all the other, normal routines. It will be exciting, but I do face it all with mixed emotions!

There are many, quite basic reasons that I look forward to arrive at home. My pillow, for instance! To sleep with my own pillow. If it is not in a very particular shape and thickness I get headaches. And if you would like to have a pleasant time with a “balanced” Alexandra, with plenty of energy, it is a must that she had a good, long nights sleep! Well, that is, as long as a small boy will allow one to sleep in the morning!

After one year traveling around the world with a backpack filled with only “practical” clothes for a week, it will be a true pleasure to open up a closet with a much wider range of clothes and accessories. Just think of all the shoes! It will not only be the tough choice between hiking boots, trainers or sandals. No, when I get home there will also be long and short boots in various colors, ballerinas and high-heels. And then there will be matching bags and scarfs! A paradise! Imagine a full outfit, completely thought through with all matching accessories! Wow! I can hardly wait to show off in front of Anders. He will not be able to recognize me again! I want to go for a night out. To see and be seen!

When back in Munich we have the opportunity to go out all alone without thinking of Anton. He will happily sleep by his Oma. We will have more time for just the two of us! Time to focus on each other and or relationship. It has been suffering a bit lately because we have not been focusing on it. But it is our own fault. When you travel as a family over a long period of time, like we have been doing, it is sometimes hard to find the time and peace.

I will also have time to find myself and regain my patience. I somehow lost it after we returned to Europe. It may have to do with lack of sleep. When you want some time for yourself in the evening, you stay up longer. This leads to fatigue during the day. A bad circle! Furthermore, when you are tired, you compensate with food, and the result of that is well known!

We also need some time to digest the entire journey and all the impressions. Just thinking of the fact that we were actually gone for whole year is still wonderful! We simply jumped off right into the adventure and followed our dream. That part of the adventure is almost over now. But a new adventure awaits us in Munich!

Many things are clear to us by now because of our travels. Firstly, that we are actually able to travel together as a team (which is not always granted), even over a long period of time.  We cannot, however, do it indefinite. We like our home base. This is now Munich. If it will stay like that we cannot know. We have learned a lot and I will use it all in my everyday life from now on. It is not all grand, revolutionary things. It could be to simply just eat even more healthier and with more care. Or to exercise more. Start training again and feel better in my own body. And then we still have the ongoing project of better, internal communication... 

Yes, I do look forward to our return to my home and the most beautiful city in Germany, after six years living in Copenhagen, followed by one year of traveling! Time for my family and old friends. Time for walks along the Isar river and time for re-discovering Munich.