About us



Anton: Our little (well, not so little anymore) energy ball! A very happy boy, who loves to build hiding-places, snowmen and sandcastles. And LEGO! Everything that can be built must, however, also be terminated afterwards. This is an important part of the fun! Anton loves music, and already has a nice collection on his small iPod. To his fathers relief the collection does not only contain children’s music! He has a distinguished sense of humor and can find amusement in almost any daily routine situation.




Alexandra: Has worked with event-marketing in a number of big european organizations. One of the highlights were, without any doubt, her attendance at the COP15 conference in Copenhagen, where she was VERY close to President Barack Obama! Loves long walks and knows how to build in attractions for all members of the family to look forward to. Alexandra reads a lot of books and her new Kindle will certainly be of good use during the long flights or on sunny days at the beach. At home she is currently into bread baking with sour dough. This has given the family members some “mixed experiences” although lately the quality of the bread has risen notably! She is actually a great cook and we do expect her to make notes and copy some of the culinary highlights during our journey.

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Anders: The daydreamer of the family! Has worked with sales and marketing in a number of international corporations. He has, however, found out that pure marketing tasks should not be a part of a future job description! Anders is also the music-geek of the family, and when away alone through the city, he is often seen wearing a pair of headphones. He loves to write, and has even published a novel in Denmark, with another one in the making. Another hobby is photography, although the most noteworthy photos are usually captured by Alexandra, due to her impeccable sense of detail. Anders also reads a lot of books, and has taken a particular interest in american politics.  

Anders is the author of our main journal and blogs.

Since our journey in 2013-2014 Anders has become a Songwriter. You can find some of his work here! 


And so it began....

This website is about a family of three. In the summer of 2012 we decided to say goodbye to a “traditional” everyday life with jobs, daycare and the never ending feeling of not having enough time for “the right things”.

For both of us parents, our careers had not exactly given us the satisfaction that we had hoped for. This had been going on for quite some time. In fact, it slowly became a source of dissatisfaction, which eventually gave us the feeling that we were not being the kind of parents for Anton that we could and should be. Because when you are not mentally present during those important moments where your child wants you to be 100% present and attentive, you really should reconsider your priorities. Are you doing the right thing? We thought about that for some time!

We realized that we wanted to spend more time together. We wanted more time for the little things in life. The things that turn us into happier human beings and better parents!

So we decided that a radical change was needed! And from that very moment when we decided HOW we wanted to proceed, we felt an incredible relief! Suddenly we felt that there was actually a meaning to it all. Light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak. We put our home up for sale and sold all of our furniture. It all went extremely fast, which only further strengthened our belief that we were doing the right thing. The money was meant for a journey around the world.

Three months later we found ourselves in Munich, our “in-between.station”, before we finally embarked on the “real journey” in spring 2013. All the way to the other side of the world. Further away from home than any of us had been before.

The big journey around the world lasted from april 2013 to april 2014. And 12 months, 7 countries, 8 rental cars, 25.000 pictures and about 120 hotels later we came back to Europe. Satisfied with life and all our experiences like never before. We had turned into a small cohesive group of travelers after having spent 24 hours a day together, 7 days a week, for 52 weeks. An achievement that would break many a family into pieces!

While we were away we realized that we cannot travel indefinite. We need a base to return to. A place where we can lean back, reflect and digest all the impressions. And gather inspiration for future adventures. At some point in the future, we will definitely be traveling again. The wanderlust is here to stay. But for now our adventures will be shorter. Not less exciting. Just shorter.

Although we are not permanently traveling at the moment we have an everyday life where we are very much aware of our priorities and about where we spend our energy and time. We have been living on very little space during our journey and managed with only very little clothes and equipment in our backpacks. These are indeed useful experiences in our “normal” life back home.  

We hope that you find our website inspiring and that we can help you with tips and ideas. If not, please do not hesitate to send us a mail with your question. And do not forget to sign up for our newsletter. We still have plenty of experiences, stories and pictures that have not yet been shared!

After all, the journey has only just really begun!