13 Highlights of 2014

Washington DC. The year 2014 was no more than a few days old as we arrived in the US capital. I have always wanted to go there. It is one of the absolute “power centers” of the world, with everything that comes of politicians, lawyers, journalists etc. But aside from that it is actually a quite beautiful city. Even though our expectations were high already, we were indeed very pleasantly surprised. The White House should - of course - be on the top of any visitors list. This is where most of the important decisions are made! Read more!

Smithsonian Institute - Washington & Dulles Airport. The space shuttle “Discovery” is by far the most important attraction, and also the main reason for our visit. In numerous museums around the world you can see plenty of test-modules, models, films, pictures etc. But getting THIS CLOSE to the REAL thing, a space shuttle having completed many, many space missions and having circled in orbit for hundreds of days in total is simply a very special experience! Hard to explain why the real thing really matters, but it does! At least to us! Read more!

Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. After almost three months traveling through the US it was a refreshing experience to visit one of the most historic places of the nation. The US really doesn't have all that much history, compared to many other places on earth, given the fact that the country is only a few hundred years old. But Williamsburg gave us the feeling of having witnessed the very birth of the nation. A sort of closure… An absolute must see when in the area! Read more!

New York City. The very last stop on our journey through the US was New York. We have been there before, but I guess you cannot visit “the city that never sleeps” too often? I am always fascinated by the numerous skyscrapers towering towards the sky and stunned that some of the most beautiful ones are in fact a century old, if not more. Back in the days when they were built we were still building timbered houses in my native Denmark. Worth a minute of reflection! Ellis Island, Liberty Island and Brooklyn (do walk across the Brooklyn Bridge - it’s beautiful!) should be on the top of your list! Read more!


Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland. A marvellous place, really hard to describe. Only a few days after leaving New York City we stood on the shoreline of Ireland on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, gazing west. A unique scenery meets the visitor here and it is really hard to believe that what meets the eye is in fact not man-made. The pentagonal and hexagonal columns of basalt are a fascinating sight. Well worth the drive to the north coast! Read more!

Connemara, Ireland. We had rented a cabin on the west coast with Alexandra’s family and during the week of our stay we got to see and experience all seasons of the year - a few times a day! It was amazing to feel the vagaries of nature at close hand. To sit inside by the fire, gazing out through the windows at the roaring Atlantic ocean. We drove around the area quite a bit. Kylemore Abbey (pictured), the cozy town of Cliffden and also Connemara National Park are not to be missed! The wildlife of Ireland is simply marvellous! Read more!

Ring of Kerry, Ireland. An old dream of mine. Along this scenic route there’s really something to see for lovers of Irelands wildlife. Including old castle ruins, gorgeous coastlines, tiny and tattered fishing villages and also quite a few cities with a thriving business life. When passing through you get the impression that this is how Ireland has always been. It is authentic in the coolest sense of the word! Read more!

London, England. We stay with family when visiting the English capital and it was nice for us to be able to use London as our “base” for “expeditions” to Scotland and places in England that we had not previously been to. And even though we have really been to London quite often over the years, there is ALWAYS something more to explore! Read more!

Stonehenge, England. One of those places you have to see before you die! A fascinating place, that made me feel VERY young. It is impossible to really fathom just HOW they got these giant stones in place, and put them on top of each other, considering the fact that this was done thousands of years ago. I have yet to see the Pyramids of Egypt, but I guess this must be somewhat the same puzzle you think about when going there… Read more!


Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany. Also a place we have been to a few times, but we keep coming back. The town was founded in 1274 and is one of the best preserved cities in Germany. Although much was destroyed during World War II, it is very authentic to this day and is definitely worth a visit. This is what Europe looked like 600 years ago! Read more!

Copenhagen, Denmark. Our old home town. This time we went as tourists. It was nice to walk around in the old streets and alleyways and also to just sit in our old neighbourhood of Islands Brygge, watching people and cars go by while eating ice-cream in the warm summer sun. Needless to say we went to Tivoli to go to the “Rasmus Klump” playground, which is one of Anton’s absolute favourite places! He had been talking about it for some time! Read more!

The North Sea Coast, Denmark. We had 2 weeks of PERFECT summer weather while cruising through Denmark, Sweden and Norway in July. And what could be more beautiful than the North Sea on a hot summers day? Yes, there are many tourists, but you can also call this “life” and “holiday-passion” - and who can ever get enough of that? Anton LOVES to play in the waves - as you can see! Read more!

Christmas Markets, Munich, Germany. Towards the end of the year, during the dark months, it is always nice to meet with friends and family over a mulled wine and a hot dog, while you watch the city slowly getting more and more dressed up for Christmas as the holidays get closer. During our journey around the world Munich in December was in fact one of the things that we missed the most! Read more!



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