10 things we would not travel without!

When being away from home on a longer trip it is obviously necessary to think twice about what to bring along, and what is really more “nice” than need.

Needless to say, you will need all the “basic” things on any journey, such as underwear, t-shirts, socks etc. You will also need proper outerwear. You can read much more about this in our general equipment article here!

To begin with we spent quite a bit of time thinking about the contents of our luggage, and yet we always have a few things just taking up space in the bottom of our backpacks.

But here is a list of 10 things we would never leave without, now that we have a bit of experience traveling around the world:

iPhone loaded with games, podcasts etc, plus headphones. This IS in fact a lifesaver when we need just a little bit of privacy and/or a break from one another. Put on the headphones and listen to some music, a podcast or an audiobook.

iPad loaded with movies, books (incl. guidebooks!), social media apps - and then a wireless keyboard! We found ourselves arguing over who should have the laptop for writing or translating, and eventually we decided to invest in a keyboard for the iPad, so that we both could work on the blog at the same time. It saves us quite a bit of time. And even though there is an OK keyboard feature built into the iPad, this is only useful for shorter texts. It gets pretty tiresome when writing a 4-pager for the blog!

Kathmandu pack-cells for our clothes. This was a tip we got ourselves before we started traveling and we are only happy to pass it along to others! Pack your stuff in cells and keep the overview of where you have what in your backpack / suitcase. Especially when you camp on a dark and wet campground and you need some warm socks for the night, it is nice to know exactly where to grab them!

Sunglasses. Nice on the beach - a must in the car!

Practical bag from Osprey. Alexandra has invested in a very handy yet fashionable bag from Osprey. And in spite of its limited size it can carry anything from tissues to hand-lotion, cleaning-wipes, drinking bottles and snacks for all of us. Also guidebooks, smartphones, iPads and gloves!

Drinking bottles from Sigg. The world famous bottles made in aluminum can stand the sometimes rough conditions on the road and they are absolute necessities for us! Over time they do get some dents and scratches but it doesn’t matter. They are testimonies of great experiences and fun adventures!

Hiking boots. Invest a bit more! You will appreciate it later on!

Re-sealable plastic bags. Our favourites are from IKEA and we use them for everything. They are good for all the things that do not like humidity or moderate amounts of water, without being completely safe though! For electronics and “sensitive equipment” you should use only bags/containers that are designed specifically for the purpose! For anything else, the IKEA bags are brilliant!

First aid kit with nasal spray, constipation-pills, diarrhea-pills and other products for “balanced digestion”. Also eye-drops, aspirin, disinfectant spray, sunscreen and aftersun lotion. Oftentimes you will feel like carrying useless stuff around, but numerous times we have been thankful to have almost anything we need, right at hand, when our 4 year old wakes up at 2 AM with a sore throat and a snotty nose, screaming in pain!

Hair dryer - travel edition! Whether traveling summer or winter it is nice to be able to dry your hair quickly. Alexandra carries this one!